Affordable Pricing for Premium Marketing Services

We offer premium marketing services for local business and we do it in the most affordable way possible and hold our work to the highest quality standards.

If you need custom services and need to get a free estimate from our team please click the ‘Get a Quote’ button and complete the form. One of our representatives will contact you via email.

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Logo Design Services:

Get the perfect logo to help your business and brand standout.

Our logos are minimalist, artistic, and to the point.

  • Get an original logo perfectly made for your brand.
  • Uniquely created iconic logos.
  • Get multiple mockups.
  • Make any adjustments: combine different logos, add any effects, or ask for different colors.
  • Get 3 graphics as the final product (including a vector).
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed with 4 revisions.

For just $10.00

Begin your business journey the right way with our impactful logo design services.

Make an impression with our modern logos. Help customers remember your brand by getting a beautiful and memorable design.

No complications, no stress, just the perfect logo to complement your business.

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Website Design Services:

·         Get a premium website fully customized to your liking.

·         Get a free logo design (if you do not have an existing logo).

·         Includes 10 pages (more pages can be added at a discounted rate).

·         Reach customers everywhere with our responsive websites – Compatible across mobile, tablet, and PC.

·         Get highly engaging visual effects to help your website POP – we use typographies for all our designs.

·         Get custom icons to fit your brand.

·         Get powerful calls to action (CTAs) to help you increase sales.

·         Get high quality images to help your content stand out.

·         Showcase your own work using slideshows, galleries, and other appealing effects.

·         Get custom forms for any purpose (email sign-ups, customer support forms, quote forms, etc.).

·         Add any functionality you may need: booking systems, accept payments, add testimonials and much more.

·         Include live chats, bots, and other conversion optimization tools.

·         Get the perfect website with up to 4 revisions.

·         Get access to the world’s most powerful tools with the WordPress platform.

·         Set your business up for long-term success with a SEO friendly website design.

·         *We will install Google analytics for you.

·         *We will submit your website to Google for indexing once it goes live.

·         *Website content not included – you can provide your own content or order it from us.

For just $1,000.00.

Its time to focus on delivering the best for your customers and to let your website do all the heavy work of bringing you new clients.

We specialize in creating sales oriented websites that deliver real growth for business owners.

Our Process:

1: We begin by asking a series of questions to fully understand your business and to create the perfect design to meet your goals and scope.

2: We then conduct industry research to find your top 3 competitors and to ensure your new website outperforms them.

3: We put together 3 initial layouts for your review.

4: We continue to refine the design until you are 100% satisfied with the new look (you get up to 4 revisions).

5: Once we have the perfect look we bring everything to life using best coding practices and premium visual effects that will delight every customer.

6: Once development is complete we conduct several quality checks to ensure everything is working as expected.

7: Finally, we go live. We continue to quality check your website and make sure you are up and running prior to handing you the keys.

All our websites are created using WordPress. This way we can give our customers premium designs at affordable prices and a very friendly environment to manage their website.

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Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO Services):

Optimize your website using the best search engine practices and increase your rankings on Google. This service includes technical fixes, adding proper meta tags, and finding the best keywords to target for your particular business.

The idea here is to get all the basics covered and out of the way so your future growth can be as smooth as it gets.

·         Get keyword research (We will find you the top 15 keywords to target for your business).

·         Get Google my business profile optimization (we will create a GMB profile for you if you do not have one yet).

·         Get title optimization.

·         Get meta description optimization.

·         Fix canonical errors.

·         Get image optimization.

·         Add image alt attributes (image descriptions for search engines).

·         Get URL optimization (making your page URLs friendly to search engines and more targeted).

·         Get code minification (HTML, JavaScript, and CSS).

·         Improve website performance (increase website speed).

·         Link your existing social media profiles (If you have not done so yet).

·         Install Google analytics to monitor your traffic.

·         We use the world’s most powerful tools: SEMrush and SEOJet – to deliver real results for our clients.

·         Get a complete SEO audit before our work and after our work (We aim to get you a SEO score of 90% or greater).

For just $500.00.

Make your website popular on Google with the proper SEO foundation.

This particular service focuses on fixing technical issues, implementing the proper meta tags that search engines use, and on defining the proper keywords to begin attracting the right audience.

Our process:

1: We begin the optimization process by running your website through our powerful SEO audit tool (the SEMrush SEO audit).

2: The SEO audit tool then produces a detailed report with actionable items that need attention as well as a total SEO health score.

3: We begin implementing the necessary fixes (it typically takes between 2 to 4 weeks to complete).

4: Once all technical issues have been address we begin the keyword research process.

5: We implement all relevant keywords across your URLs, titles, and descriptions (We also optimize your existing Google my Business profile).

6: We run your website through our audit tool one more time to double check our work (our goal is to get your website’sSEO health over 90%).

7: You get a detailed report containing our initial audit, notes about the work we performed, and the final audit.

Set your business up for long-term success.

This is only the beginning of SEO though, there are other off-page processes like building citations, adding a blog to your website, and increasing your domain authority by getting links from reputable sources that contribute towards your overall growth.

We know SEO and we have the expertise to help you make a difference. Let’s start with the basics and see where you stand after.

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Link Building Services:

This is another important phase of SEO (The most important aspect in our opinion) – the link building process.

The reason you (as a business owner) need this service is because by getting high quality sources to link back to your content (or website) you are telling Google ‘hey Google, you see, I’m a respected authority in my industry’.

·         Get a custom link building strategy for your business using proven techniques (We use SEOJet to guide our link building strategy).

·         Increase brand trust using proper link anchors.

·         Get targeted links (using your target keywords).

·         Get doFollow and noFollow links for a more natural look in Google’s eyes.

·         Links from reputable sources only (DA 30+ or better).

·         Get industry-specific links.

·         See your domain authority slowly go up over time.

·         Get diverse anchors for a more natural feel.

·         Includes in-content link for the highest impact.

·         Includes industry related blog posts.

·         Get a report containing your live link.

For just $1,400.00 Monthly (14 links guaranteed, get up to 30 links total).

Take a strategic approach to outranking your competitors with our powerful link building service.

Get links from reputable sources with genuine traffic.

Note: powerful content is needed for the link building campaign to produce maximum results. We will analyze your existing website and provide recommendations for content (if needed).

Our process:

1: We begin the link building process by analyzing your current backlink profile and by mapping out what is required to reach page 1.

2: We then create a strategy for acquiring new links with a focus on building brand trust.

3: We begin the outreach process (we work with the world’s most trusted link providers to get you premium links that add value).

4: We submit links for review and approval from the site owners.

5: Once our link is accepted we publish the link with a reference back to your website or blog.

6: We send you an email containing the link for your review (at minimum 14 links, although we normally get more).

Getting backlinks is extremely important, but more importantly is understanding that when this process is not done right, it has the potential to harm your website.

Quality links is everything and having a solid strategy in place is crucial. That’s why we carefully evaluate each website we work with, to ensure that the proper plan and strategy is being followed.

Note: it typically takes at least 3 months of link building for results – this is done to ensure our efforts look natural in Google’s eyes.

Ready to start your link building campaign?

Content Writing Services:

Producing new, relevant, industry-specific content is one of the most powerful growth strategies out there because it actually works.

The trick is to produce informative content that potential customers will find useful (the word “USEFUL” is key here).

·         Get professional content for your website (Web Copy).

·         Get eCommerce writing services.

·         Get product descriptions (product writing services).

·         Get long-form articles: how to guides, market research, and itemized lists.

·         Get detailed technical writing for any industry.

·         Get premium articles for any niche.

·         Get quality blog posts for any niche.

·         Get profile writing services (social profiles, Google my Business, and LinkedIn).

·         Promote your business across the net with our engaging press release writing services.

·         Get newsletter writing services.

·         100% satisfaction guaranteed with unlimited revisions.

For just $50.00 (starting at 500 words, lower rates are available for 1000 words or more).

Attract new website visitors and turn them into loyal customers with our powerful writing services.

Delight prospects with our top-of-the-line writing services. Get well researched, well organized articles that add value and help you get your point across.

Our content is usually ready within 5 days and you can make as many revisions as needed to get the perfect piece. We normally recommend getting power pages (pages that are 2000 words or more) – this will really help you skyrocket your growth.

Our process:

1: We begin our writing process by conducting research on the provided topic or industry.

2: We then put together a general outline that we follow in order to cover the important items.

3: Once the writing is complete we ask our writing managers to review the piece one more time to ensure everything has a nice flow and that the piece will add value to your blog or website.

4: We send you the completed article for review.

5: Once we get your approval we finalize the order and send you the document via email so you can give it to your website manager right away for uploading.

Content marketing is the best strategy available out there for small business owners.

You don’t need to spent thousands of dollars on paid advertising every month in order to get real growth.

In fact, you get to help your customers with helpful information (and you get to build trust as well) using good content. Power pages is the way to delight customers these days.

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Local Citation Building Services:

Does your business have a Google My Business account? Of course it does (and if not, you should work on getting one created ASAP).

The purpose of local citations is to help your Google My Business profile rank higher (and to get more organic traffic to your website of course).

What is a local citation? A local citation is the process of creating profiles for your business across popular platforms. Yelp is considered a local citation, is another local citation, is one other local citation (We’re sure you get the idea).

·         Get added to the top 100 local citations in the United States.

·         Get referral traffic from many of these local citations.

·         Include company logo.

·         Include photos of your work.

·         Includes ensuring your name, address, phone number (NAP), and website are consistent across the web.

·         Get an industry related description for maximum exposure.

·         All manual work (robots never!).

·         Increase trust on Google.

·         Increase domain authority.

·         Get found by local customers in your area.

·         Get your login access for all local citations.

·         Get a detailed report with all local citations.

For just $400.00 (Best pricing in the industry!).

Skyrocket your local visibility with our local citations service.

Get found by customers no matter what platform they are using.

Send the proper signals to Google letting them know that you are an active business ready to take on even more customers.

Our process:

1: We begin the local citation process by collecting all relevant info.

2: We collect your logo, images from your website (you can also send the images you’d prefer to use), double check your business name, address, phone number and website.

3: We then give this info to our local marketing team.

4: they begin the citation building process (It typically takes about a month to be ready).

5: Our marketing managers then conduct quality checks to ensure everything is in good order.

6: Finally, we send you the completed report with all login info and with a full list of local citations (Note some of them will go live right away while others may take additional time).

Local citations make a big difference when it comes to ranking on Google’s local pack.

It’s a small investment in your business that provides massive ROI for years to come.

Ready to build your local citations?

PPC Management Services:

·         We use a cost-based pricing structure for creating and distributing PPC campaigns.

·         25% of total budget is our standard rate.

·         Example: if you want to run a ppc campaign for $1,000.00 our price will be $250.00 for managing the campaign, monitoring performance, and making all necessary adjustments to ensure business objectives are met.

Note: for campaigns over $2000.00 our rate decreases to 20% of total costs.

Interested in discussing paid advertising options for your business?

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Social Media management Services:

We offer affordable social media management services using engaging posts and content to attract new website visitors and to grow social media follows.

We create a custom plan for every customer after reviewing business goals and understanding your present status.

Interested in discussing your social media objectives?

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