About Us

“Indilens Web Solutions” can give a basic notion of what about it !  We are a team of experienced professionals who come from other notable professions like blogging, marketing, journalism, entrepreneurship, and corporate guiding fields. Our goal is to reach each and every corner of the whole country and becoming the voice of voiceless.

We have targeted to provide to our readers the most relevant real news, articles, Job information and shopping experiences. Product feedback/reviews from industry professionals are also welcomed to give a clear picture of the situation in the market and generate business opportunities for common Indians.

People behind Indilens:

Main Uddin is the founder the name “Indilens”, now Let us know a little bit more about those people who are holding the super responsibilities of maintaining qualities of all these news stories, Job information and shopping experience in Indilens News/Job/Shopping Portal.

Team Members

1.  Main Uddin (Founder CEO)

2.  Anowar Hussain(Sr Developer)

3.  Mohd. Akhtar (Co-founder)

4. Sultan Mustafijul Hoque (Co-founder)

5. Sujoy Dhar (Co-founder)

6. Uday Pratap Dwiwedi (Co-founder)

7.  Sudip Kr Choudhary (Co-founder)

8.  Shazida Khatun (Co-founder)

Marketing Team Members :

  1. Entaz Ali
  2. Prashenjit Das
  3. Riya Kapoor
  4. Rajesh Braman
  5. Main Uddin
  6. Mixi Babul
  7. ……………….

In case you are interested to step up your business with us, you can reach our marketing team  here:  marketing@indilens.com

Reporting Team:

We aim to recruit reporters from each corner of the country. Please scroll down to know more about our current reporters.

  1. Jasmine Ahmed.
  2. Sandipan Sarma.
  3. Abhijit Saha.
  4. Somitr Keshav.
  5. Rimo Bose.
  6. Sreeparvathy K.
  7. Nadeem Mir.
  8. A.K Azad
  9. N. Dutta
  10. W. Akram  
  11. Y. Khan 

 More 30+ reporters across the country

Note: We are also looking for more partners to expand our team and investment is not a major factor.