Established in the year 2004 named it Indilens with the grace of almighty God. Indilens which is now Indilens Web Solutions which is jointly owned by Mr. Main Uddin and his wife Mrs. Shazida Khatun.

How it Started ?

Sometime it happens unfortunatly, On evening an idea originated in my mind to start a firm, which was further discussed with my wife who is a very hard-working and devoted person with very limited connection in her life. After hearing the statement she raised her both the hands with a warm smile and given a green signal. And after this instance, we had started the firm.

We believe our ancestors blessing was too strong and true, as it had never let us lay down and inspires every moment. Indilens Web Solutions Family and Our Team always miss them and remember in our heart.

20 years had been passed but still we remember the date.

We are a small team of few key people and hard working engineers consistently working on a single goal to provide you the best possible solution at an affordable cost. We have worked with a wide array of businesses all over India, USA, UAE, Germany, Hong-Kong etc.

Over the years Indilens Web Solutions has acquired expertise in Web Designing & Digital Marketing Services of a varied category of businesses to all over India and overseas and committed to providing web solutions and aims to be a one-stop solution provider in this field.

Indilens web Solutions aims to deliver all kind of web related services under one roof. Unlike other companies we do not mis-guide customer to opt the services at any kind, it is totally up to you, when you trust us you are with us. We emphasize on providing best website designing services and combined web add-ons that help customer to gain a competitive advantage from website design and SEO services India. At Indilens Web Solutions, we always strive to enables corrective measures to uplift website designing quality and reduce cost.

Our team greet each client the same — with passion and the understanding that everyone has a common goal. That goal is to create a return on investment and have great customer loyalty. Each member of the team is known to be involved in every step of the process — from helping to deliver concepts, to hand-coding websites, and to help reinforce the highest quality as much as possible.